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Explore a spectrum of color services, from expertly crafted highlights and on-trend balayage to seamless root touch-ups and stunning global colors. Our skilled stylists bring your vision to life.

Dive into luxurious protein treatments, including Keratin, Cysteine, Botox, Bluetox, Biolamination, Bioplastia, and Nanoplastia, designed to rejuvenate and nourish your locks.

Experience the perfect fusion of creativity and care at Supriya Salon – your haven for exquisite hair transformations in Pune. Book your appointment now for a radiant, revitalized you.

Hair Protein treatment in pune

Hair Protein Treatments

Revitalize your locks at Supriya Salon, Pune’s oasis of hair rejuvenation. Dive into the world of luxurious protein treatments, where innovation meets indulgence. Experience the transformative power of Keratin, Cysteine, Botox, Bluetox, Biolamination, Bioplastia, and Nanoplastia – each designed to nourish, strengthen, and breathe new life into your hair. Our skilled stylists blend expertise with sophistication, ensuring your tresses radiate health and shine. Treat your hair to the care it deserves. Book your protein treatment at Supriya Salon for a journey of indulgence and renewal.

Hair Spa in Pune

Hair Spa

Immerse your hair in the ultimate sanctuary of care at Supriya Salon in Pune. Our hair spa experience goes beyond the ordinary, offering a trio of transformative treatments. Indulge in the opulence of Permanent Hair Spa, a blissful ritual that revitalizes your locks with long-lasting nourishment.

Heal and rejuvenate with our Hair Repair Treatment, designed to mend and strengthen damaged strands.

Bid farewell to dandruff woes with our specialized Dandruff Treatment, leaving your scalp refreshed and your hair beautifully restored.

Embrace the luxury of healthy, radiant hair at Supriya Salon. Book your appointment for a rejuvenating hair spa experience today!

Hair Colour service in pune

Hair Colour

Explore a diverse palette of hair color services, from sun-kissed Highlights to the effortless charm of Balayage. Renew your roots with our seamless Root Touch-up or embrace a bold transformation with our striking Global Color options. Let our skilled colorists craft a personalized masterpiece for your locks. Your hair journey begins here—book your appointment at Supriya Salon and unveil a spectrum of stunning hues.

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